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Call for PhD Candidates for: Competing Claims on Natural Resources: Overcoming Mismatches in Resource Use through a Multi-Scale Perspective
July 2006

This research programme addresses the issue of competing claims on Natural Resources from a multi/interdisciplinary perspective, addressing ecological, economic and societal/sociological issues. The aim is to develop an interdisciplinary and interactive methodological approach for:

  1. the understanding of competing claims and stakeholder strategies;
  2. the identification of alternative resource use options, and;
  3. the scientific support to negotiation processes between stakeholders, with the aim to develop policy interventions that simultaneously improve livelihoods and the sustainable use of natural resources.
Research will be conducted in southern Africa, a region characterized by heterogeneous and highly dynamic resource uses. A comparative approach will be used to examine the different drivers of resource use dynamics and the interacting claims of multiple stakeholders on these resources. Four countries are included in the programme in order to capture contrasting, yet interlocking, socio-political and institutional environments in which competing claims are played out (while agro-ecological conditions remain fairly similar). Studies are conducted in Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Young MSc scientists with an agricultural, ecological, economic or sociological background (or a combination), who are keen to operate in an interdisciplinary team and to work on the issues mentioned above work are welcome to apply for a Sandwich-PhD fellowship within this programme. The Sandwich-PhD encompasses an initial start-up period at Wageningen University of approximately 6 months, approximately 3 years of on-site research and a final phase of about 6 months at Wageningen University during which the thesis is finalised. The fellowship pays for the period spent at Wageningen University, research costs (max of 5000,- per year) and travelling expenses to Wageningen. Living and other expenses during the 3-year period of fieldwork and research must be based within a local institute that commits itself to support the candidate in their field research.

Deadline for applications is 31st July 2006. Further information and details of how to apply can be obtained from:

Dr. C. van de Vijver, Wageningen University
Haarweg 333, 6709 RZ, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-317-485116

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