Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

Strengthening institutional capacity for policy research and analysis among stakeholders in the SADC region
Holiday Inn Pretoria, South Africa
13 November 2002 - 15 November 2002

Acknowledgements: This is a CTA funded publication.


Objectives of the Workshop

  • To present an overview of stakeholder institutions and farming organisations and come up with a strategy for enhancing capacity building for policy analysis by stakeholder institutions.
  • To revaluate and adjust node operations to achieve improved efficiency and transparency in coordinating stakeholder driven research, development, terms of reference for policy studies and partnership for collaborative research work.
  • To discuss strategies for strengthening partnerships with national, regional and international policy research and donor institutions in their countries of operation.
Conduct of the Workshop

Keynote addresses were on:

  • Overview of farmer based organizations in the region and strategies for improving collaboration and capacity building for policy formulation and implementation
  • Enhancement of stakeholder consultation as a key component of agricultural development in Zambia.
  • Co-operating partners, namely the SADC Food Security Training Programme, ICRISAT, CLUSA, Mananga Training Institute (Swaziland) and IDEAA were given the opportunity to make presentations on areas of focus and possible collaboration with FANRPAN.
Expected Outputs

The workshop was expected to contribute in the short to medium term towards the following outputs:

  • Recommendations on establishing mechanisms for building the capacity for policy analysis among farming groups
  • A common approach for strengthening and restructuring country nodes together with material for drafting node constitutions, MOUs for partner or host institutions, action plans, research topics and operational producers' manual
  • A Policy Analysis Institutional Matrix and Directory of Collaborative institutions in the region as a FANRPAN/CTA Publication
  • Report on the proceedings of the workshop and the way forward.

Member countries were invited to bring two participants. Node Coordinators in the participating countries were asked to bring a member of a farmer based organization. New node members (Mauritius, Swaziland, and Lesotho) were also invited to send representatives. There were also participants from cooperating partners (SADC Food Security Training Programme, ICRISAT and IDEAA). Thirty five people participated at the workshop.

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