Agriculture to Nutrition


Who/What is ATONU?
ATONU stands for Agriculture to Nutrition. It is an African initiative focusing on how agriculture can deliver positive nutrition outcomes to smallholder farm families through the implementation of robust, evidence-based nutrition-sensitive interventions. ATONU is implemented by the Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) and its partners, and is currently focusing on three countries, namely Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

What does ATONU do and why?
ATONU provides technical assistance to integrate tailored nutrition-sensitive interventions into planned and ongoing agricultural investments through;

  1. Generating tools and frameworks for diagnosing the opportunities to incorporate tailored nutrition-sensitive interventions into agriculture investments;
  2. Offering technical assistance for designing, testing, and rigorously monitoring and evaluating the impact of the tailored nutrition-sensitive interventions;
  3. Documenting best practices and evidence and adding to the agriculture for nutrition knowledge base;
  4. Advocating for evidence-based decision making at all levels; and
  5. Strengthening African capacity and building a community of practice in agriculture for improved nutrition.