Africa-Asia Drought Risk Peer Assistance Network (AADP) Newsletter: May 2012 Issue

About AADP 

Africa-Asia Drought Risk Peer Assistance Network (AADP) is a network established under the Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Project. The project is designed to mitigate the risks of drought and improve human livelihoods in Africa and Asia by creating an enabling environment for inter-regional knowledge sharing among drought-prone countries and facilitating the up-scaling of proven drought risk management (DRM) practices. 

AADP provides the DRM practitioners and policymakers with a variety of peer learning and capacity development support to, based on their priorities, operational gaps and capacity needs, building on the pool of experiences and expertise of the ongoing African Drought Risk and Development Network initiative (ADDN)

The project is funded by the Government of Japan and implemented by the UNDP Drylands Development Centre. 

For more information, please visit the AADP project website

Special Topic 

Disaster Reduction in Africa - UNISDR Informs: Special Issue on Drought Risk Reduction 2012 

UNISDR Informs is is a publication produced periodically by United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN-ISDR) Secretariat's Regional Offices to share updates, ongoing campaigns, national platform activities, lessons learnt and general news information on disaster risk reduction in the region. 2012 special issue of Africa Informs looks at drought risk reduction through the lens of the Hyogo Framework of Action, the global framework for disaster risk reduction. It features the excellent work being done throughout the African region and underscores the necessary holistic approach to achieve better resilience to drought in the future. 

The 2010/2011 drought, which affected the Horn of Africa, was not un-expected. Indications of the drought conditions were received as early as September 2010. The question posed over and over again is: Why was there no early action following the early warning? There are many conflicting professional opinions circling around answering this question. The fourth Africa Drought Adaptation Forum, organized by UN-ISDR Regional Office for Africa and the UNDP DDC Office in October 2011 discussed key gaps affecting the long-term drought adaptation and mitigation efforts in the Horn of Africa with experts, government officials and community members from the Africa as well as from Asia and Europe. 

Building on this discussion, the issue focuses on the themes of:

  • Institutionalization of drought risk reduction, legislation, policy and planning;
  • Drought early warning, drought risk and vulnerability mapping including data Collection;
  • Building capacity for drought risk reduction;
  • Improving access to Services in drought prone areas;
  • Drought preparedness, contingency planning, contingency funding, early action measures; and
  • Coordination and partnership for drought risk reduction.

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