Dr Tobias Takavarasha

Dr Takavarasha is one of the FANRPAN founder members, having served as FANRPAN Chief Executive Officer in 2002 - 2004 he facilitated the registration and initial establishment of the organization.  He has remained closely involved with FANRPAN providing support as a strategic advisor and facilitating partnerships with key institutions including FAO.

Dr Takavarasha is currently an independent Agriculture and Food Security Adviser, and former United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) Representative for South Africa.  He has over thirty-five years’ experience in national and international public service in African agriculture, food security and rural development including leadership, advisory and management roles.

His most recent positions include: 
  • United Nations experience, Head of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in South Africa (2013-2016);
  • FAO Senior Policy and investment Officer seconded to NEPAD (2010-2012) supporting implementation of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP);
  • Director for Strategy, Monitoring and Evaluation at the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA, 2008-2010);
  • Worked extensively in SADC including a year in Malawi (2007-2008) as Management Adviser for restructuring the national food reserve agency; consultant to establish the SADC Regional Food Reserve Facility and Center for Coordination of Agriculture Research and Development for Southern African (CCARDESA), SADC Bio fuelsStrategy.
  • Director-General/Permanent Secretary for Lands and Agriculture (1996-2002), National Land Commissioner, and chairman and director of boards of several agricultural state enterprises and private companies in Zimbabwe.