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Postharvest Loss Management Programme (POSTHARVEST)



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Vision: Resilient African agriculture and food systems, securing prosperity and health for all.

Mission: To build resilient food systems across Africa through the creation, implementation, and assessment of food, agriculture and natural resources policies that are both evidence-based and developed in partnership with non-state actors. read more


FANRPAN's strategic goals for its Strategy 2016-203 are derived from its vision statement, illustrated in figure 6.These strategic goals are statements of what FANRPAN wishes to achieve in the next seven years.FANRPAN’s strategic goals are influenced by and aligned to global and regional policy trends relevant to its theory of change and mandate. Alignment to policy trends is important to ensure that all actors operating in similar policy areas are coordinated and enable policy harmonization.



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27 August 2018 to 29 August 2018
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