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Women in Sub- Sahara African countries constitute 70% of the agricultural workers and provide 60-80% of the labor to produce food for household consumption and sale. Women play crucial roles as farmers and businesswomen - in smallholder agricultural production, as mothers managing household nutrition, and as innovators and educators. Indeed these roles span across the entire value chain. FANRPAN has identified women farmers as a special stakeholder group in Africa’s agricultural sector. Because of their dominant presence in all aspects of smallholder production, ensuring policy priorities take into account their needs and socio-economic conditions is imperative.

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WARM Project


HaSSP Project


The WARM project seeks to strengthen women farmers’ ability to advocate for appropriate agricultural policies and programmes. The project will use an innovative tool, Theatre for Policy Advocacy, to engage leaders, service providers and policymakers, encourage community participation, and research the needs of women farmers.


The objective of Phase II of the Regional Seed Security project is to contribute to food security in the SADC region through the domestication of harmonised, effective and efficient seed systems to enhance availability and access to improved seed varieties to small-scale farmers. This involves working both on legislation framework as well as knowledge management aspects of seeds in the region.

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