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UNEP Report shows cruel irony at heart of Lima talks- Christian Aid

06 December 2014, Africa Green Media

Christian Aid called for negotiators at the UN climate summit in Lima to heed the warnings of today’s United Nations Environment Programme report showing the drastic costs developing countries will face adapting to climate change.

Christian Aid’s Senior Climate Change Advisor, Mohamed Adow, said: “This UNEP report outlines in stark detail the huge costs of adapting to climate change being faced by poor countries around the world. Already some developing countries are reaching the limit they can bear with their limited resources. The poor and most vulnerable should not be left alone with the option to simply adapt or die.

“These figures are shocking enough but what is worrying is they only apply to a world facing warming of two degrees above pre industrial levels. Without a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions our current trajectory is for closer to four degrees.

“This report needs to be a wakeup call to negotiators in Lima because currently discussions on how to help countries adapt have no home in the Paris deal.

“It’s a cruel irony that it is the rich countries whose carbon emissions helped create these climate change impacts that don’t want adaption to be a central part of the Paris agreement.

“It’s important that action on emissions is linked to action to help countries adapt. While emissions cuts remain low it is even more vital that adaption support increases.!

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