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Britain announces climate finance - Africa praises positive lead

05 December 2012, SIMBA Radio

Posted by Emma Okella

Britain has breathed new life into the UN climate change talks in Doha with announcement to give over the next two years £1.8 billion of new money to help poorer countries develop along a low carbon pathway and tackle the effects of climate change.

This announcement sets a positive tone to the negotiations that in its final week had sent many observers into fears of a possible weak outcome from the talks following apparent stalemate on the future of the Kyoto Protocol and climate financing to developing countries.

Announcing the money, British energy secretary, Ed Davey said £98m of the money will go to the Green Africa Power project, to stimulate investment in large-scale solar, wind and hydro power. He called on other developed countries to follow suit.

"We have delivered what we said we would. Britain has promised a total of £2.9bn. We are on track to give £1.5bn for fast-start finance and our share of the long-term goal of $100bn by 2020," said Davey. "Between now and 2015 our climate finance commitments will continue."

NGOs welcomed the funds. "At last, a developed country has finally made a pledge for future climate finance here in Doha. The UK has taken a step forward; now we eagerly await other developed nations to follow suit," said Sunita Bose of Oxfam.

African lead negotiator Emmanuel Dlamini also praised UK for taking the lead on climate finance.

"The UK has gone first and has created a positive spirit by announcing money with no apparent strings attached. We hope other donors will follow suit over the next three days, and we think that this cooperative approach is one that all Parties should emulate" he stated.

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