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Fast-track procedure for approving plant protection products in Central Africa

20 July 2012, PIP

The Interstate Committee of Pesticides in Africa (CPAC), the specialized branch of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), announced the launch of its first approvals of plant protection products in a press release sent out on 10 July.

Born out of a common political desire to clean up the agricultural sector in the CEMAC area, the CPAC is made up of three experts from each CEMAC Member State (Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Central African Republic), representatives of the CEMAC Commission, the IPC-AU, FAO and WHO. One of the main responsibilities of the committee is to evaluate applications for registration and sales of plant protection products in the Central African region. Applications submitted between July 20 and September 30, 2012, will be “fast-tracked”, guaranteeing the requests be evaluated before the end of 2012. The purpose of this exercise is to encourage manufacturers to register their products with the regional committee and to help farmers solve the pest management problems they are faced with when producing for export and local markets. After the fast-track procedure, the registration certificates issued by the CPAC, will be valid and accepted in the six member countries.

Since 2005 and indeed throughout the process of setting up this authorisation committee, the CPAC has received support from the PIP programme through various actions:

  • Definition of training programmes for national experts
  • Capacity building through training sessions, of the Permanent Secretariat and of scientific experts from CPAC (registration procedure, alternatives to chemical pesticides)
  • Participation in regional and international workshops on the use and authorization of biopesticides and the overall problem of minor crops respectively
  • Support for improving the effectiveness of the communication tools (website)

The objective of this partnership is to increase the expertise of collaborative management and control of plant protection products in collaboration with the various stakeholders (producers, national authorities, manufacturers).

The entire press release and the terms of the fast-track procedure (for assessing applications for authorization of plant treatment products) are both available on the CPAC website:

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