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Support `green revolution`, PM tells agriculturists

01 March 2007, The Guardian

ILONGA:  Prime Minister Edward Lowassa has called on agricultural institutes to take a leading role in making the green revolution a reality. He made the call in remarks at the Ilonga Agriculture Research Institute yesterday, the third day of his five-day tour of Morogoro Region.

He said agriculture is for Tanzania a decisive sector in that it employs over 80 per cent of country`s population `and its revamping is the only sure way of making the dream of our social and economic development come true`.

`Agricultural research institutes have great potential to bring about a revolution in our agriculture and putting into practice the fourth-phase government`s motto on better life for every Tanzanian,` he said.

The Prime Minister insisted that all agricultural centres of knowledge, training and excellence ought to play a major role in providing farmers and livestock keepers with the skills or expertise needed to push forward the sector with new vigour, zeal and speed.

He assured research centres like the country`s only agriculture university, Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), of sustainable government support.

The assistance would be in terms of services for improving research projects and equipment made available through the Agricultural Sector Development Programme and would be in the form of services for improving research projects and equipment.

Lowassa commended agricultural and livestock training institutes for work well done and urged them to disseminate their research results to the relevant end users ? the faming, fishing and pastoralist communities.

Citing an example, he said research findings on the maize seeds now widely used in Dodoma and other regions was showed the best that Tanzanian experts can do to make a difference in the agricultural sector.

The Ilonga institute director, Dr Alfred Moshi, explained that they employ a participatory approach in identifying research problems before doing research and disseminating the results to the targeted groups.

He added, however, that financial constraints were making their work difficult.

Kilosa District Commissioner Athuman Mdoe meanwhile outlined strategies for revamping agriculture in the district.

These range from introduction of block farming, large-scale (estate) farming and the use of tractors.

President Jakaya Kikwete last year described Morogoro Region as a key region that could produce enough food to feed the entire nation.

He said the region had abundant natural resources and knowledge bases in the form of SUA and ARI Ilonga and had no reason not to achieve that goal.

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