Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)
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FANRPAN legal status
Following a call for an autonomous policy institution to advise Governments and the Regional Economic Communities by Ministers of Agriculture from East and Southern Africa, in 1994, a group of ten agricultural policy research institutes responded in 1997 by forming an independent source of policy analysis and advice related to FANR policies. This marked the creation of FANRPAN with a mandate to build the region's capacity for policy analyses and policy dialogue, and to improve policy decision-making by enhancing the generation, exchange and use of relevant information.

In 2002, FANRPAN formalized its structure and adopted its constitution and by-laws. Since then, the organization has built a thriving multi-tiered network consisting of a regional secretariat and more than 670 institutional members organized into national nodes in thirteen southern African countries. Each node is led by a national steering committee and hosted by a respected policy institution that has the ability and credibility to lead the national debate on FANR policy issues as well as mobilizing all relevant stakeholders. The membership network in each country comprises a diverse group of organizations (including universities, research institutes, businesses government agencies and civil society organizations) that have a stake in the policy process.

Registration Details
  • Registration Certificate Number: PVO: 2/2003
  • Date of Registration: 18 March 2003
  • Host Agreement Signing Date, Republic of South Africa: 18 March 2006
  • VAT Registration Number, South Africa: 4000 122 582
  • Date of VAT Requisition: 1 November 2005
For further details on FANRPAN's registration and host agreements, kindly contact the Regional Secretariat at

Note: Revised constitution pending approval at the 2011 FANRPAN Annual General Meeting
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